?ELEKTROKONTEL? company was formed in 2002 on the electrical power services market and it was developing during the next 14 years, gradually expanding the scope of its services.

As for the previous period, it may show the results of completion of numerous significant investments.

Experienced and skilled personnel of around 50 employees is a mark of our business. Our human capital is also increased thanks to cooperation with two family businesses: RAMELBUD Andrzej Młynarczyk and RAMELBUD Sp. z o. o. that possess suitable transport and equipment fittings and employs about 90 employees. This correlation works in both directions on subcontracting conditions.

Our staff has gained all its experience in renown electro-assembly companies and reputable firms providing services for metallurgy. Its hard core comprises of engineering and technical personnel, working everyday in its own project management office, in production preparation and coordination department, as well as in the constructions being realized, when they serve as project and site managers having proper building qualifications concerning electric works.

Good cooperation atmosphere and the staff participation in the company’s development process is one of the factors which directly translate into constant growth of our Client’s satisfaction level and, as a consequence, into the company’s market success. Main assumptions of our business are: order realization diligence, flexibility associated with the Investor’s changing requirements, professionalism and responsibility within the full scope of the provision of services. We provide our Clients with competent consultancy offered by our engineering and technical personnel. The main aims we defined for ourselves are the Investor’s full satisfaction, high quality of our services, the best possible Quality-Price relationship and prompt execution of orders.

Taking into account the current stage of the company’s development related to contracting and designing, we act on two-business basis: in electrical and mechanical branches.        

  • Execution of internal and external cable lines and cable lying for ?Dust Blowing System for Blast Furnace No. 3 and 5 in Mittal Steel S.A. [PLC], branch in Warsaw?, and participation in installation commissioning with Kűttner company,
  • Participation in ccm (continuous casting machine) line commissioning ? Kremikovzi in Bulgaria,
  • Modernization of switchgear bays in Połaniec Power Station,
  • Comprehensive execution of electrical installations in TESCO supermarket and Soła Center in Żywiec,
  • Power supply modernization of Press 30MN ? ALUTECH Sp. z o .o.,
  • Assembly of external lighting of the road 230 in Mittal Steel Poland S. A.
  • Execution of comprehensive electrical and low-current installation in a tower block with underground garage and technical infrastructure ? ?Zespół Apartamentowy Zachodnia? [?Zachodnia Apartment Complex?] in Krakow,
  • End-to-end execution of electrical and low-current installations along with external lighting and closed circuit television system (CCTV) in ?Chełmońskiego? Apartment Complex (180 flats) in Krakow,
  • Implementation of changes in electrical installation within the area of Sheet Hot-rolling Mill in ArcelorMittal S.A., Branch in Krakow, on behalf of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbHCo (2007/2009),
  • Execution of modernization works related by means of roller and smoothing machine within the area of Sheet Cold-rolling Mill in ArcelorMittal Poland S.A., branch in Krakow – by order of ABB Automation GmbH,
  • Modification of lifting beam meant for working rolls of Hot-rolling Mill AMP, Branch in Krakow – by order of TENOVA Sp. A.,
  • Supervision of construction engineer over repair of coiling drums in workshop in Montbrison in France during January, March and May 2011 for SIEMENS VAI Metals Technologies GMBH &Co.,
  • Execution of start-up deflectors installation for TCM and TMP , accepted by AMP S.A. on behalf of ABB Automation,
  • Supervision over manufacturing and test assembly at ERZHONG company site in China made by construction engineer on behalf of SIEMENS VAI Metals Technologies GmbH in December 2011, January 2012 and March 2012.
  • Repair of lightings in BWG-0 in ArcelorMittal Poland S. A.
  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings with underground parking ?Apartamenty Wielicka ? Kraków?,
  • Execution of internal and external electrical installations in Mother?s and Child?s Health Centre in Zabrze,
  • Execution of constructive and assembly works of electrical installations during realization of investment ?Rebuilding of University of Children?s Hospital in Krakow?,
  • Renovation of charging trolleys for ArcelorMittal Poland S. A., branch in Krakow,
  • Renovation of telphers for ArcelorMittal Poland S. A., branch in Krakow,
  • Plate trial gathering equipment ?Roller Blocker #3? ? execution, assembly and initiation in ArcelorMittal Poland S. A., branch in Krakow,
  • Complex execution of electrical installations ? the buildings: G, O2, O3 and execution of fire alarm systems and smoke extractions systems in the buildings C, D, E, F on the site ?BROWAR-LUBICZ? in Krakow.
  • ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A. Rynek Wytwarzania Energii [Energy-Generating Market] – Katowice
  • SIEMENS VAI Metals Technologies GmbH&Co – Linz
  • STALPRODUKT SERWIS z o.o. – Bochnia
  • ARCELORMITTAL SERWIS  GROUP Sp. z o.o. ? Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • KĘTY GROUP S. A. – Kęty
  • HUTNICZE PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO REMONTOWE – ZRM Sp. z o.o. [Mechanical Repairs Plant] ? Krakow
  • HUTNICZE PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO REMONTOWE – ZPS Sp. z o.o. [Production and Equipment Plant] ? Krakow
  • WARBUD S.A.- Region Południe [South Region]
  • RADKO Sp. z o.o. ? Oświęcim
  • UNIMA 2000 S.A. ? Krakow
  • PIB BUDECON S.A. ? Sosnowiec
  • ALUTECH Sp. z o.o. ? Kęty
  • PROFIX Targosz, Strebecki i wspólnicy s.j. – Krakow
  • SKALSKI Budownictwo z o.o. ? Sp. K.A. [Partnership limited by shares] – Krakow
  • PREBUD-ELT sp. j. ? Krakow
  • SKAWTECH sp.j. ? Skawina
  • MODULOR Sp. z o.o. ? Tarnow
  • DEMAG Cranes&Components Sp. z o.o.- Warsaw
  • MARHAN Sp. z o. o. – Kobiernice
  • SKANSKA S. A. ? Warszawa
  • DANIELI Co. Ltd. ? Pluakdaeng, Thailand